Over 100,000 copies downloaded. Success and Happiness is a great book to keep handy, when you need a little inspiration or to send a little inspiration to your friends on Social Media. The paperback edition makes a great gift to give someone about to leave home. Perfect for college students who need a little support, inspirational and ethical and moral guidance.

Sampling of reviews from Amazon readers:

This is a great book and a great value. I have used amazon for many purchases but this was the first time I have tried the electronic book feature

It's nice to be able to either glance in this book for a little inspiration, or at times, sit and read it for an hour. Either way, I am glad I have it now, and will use it for reference as needed.

This was absolutely a true inspiration in every area of my life and can be used in every relationship you come in contact with

I love quotes. I'll be hanging on to this one for reference. There's one in there for every occasion. Even to throw back at people who like to get quotey quotey on their fb or twitter. I find myself going back and forth throughout the book to revisit some really good ones that I don't want to forget. They can be confuciously useful at the right time and place.


Success and Happiness: Quotes to Motivate, Inspire and Live by (Ebook (free), paperback & large print editions - Milford Press)

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